Standing Strong in Your Truth

There are so many different beliefs, ideas, and interpretations out there. There are plenty of people who think they have the corner on truth and they want you to subscribe to their way of thinking. They are ready to tell you that they are right and your beliefs are wrong.

Some of the greatest icons in our history faced this very thing. They stood strong in their own convictions to the point of imprisonment and even murder and guess what? They became legends, making a massive mark on the hearts and minds of people throughout the ages.

More on that as we discuss standing strong in your truth in this week’s episode!

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In the comments, let us know where someone has tried to push their beliefs or convictions on you but you stood strong in your own truth!

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Raise Your Vibration Now

We love love love this topic because vibration is really how the universe speaks!

Your thoughts, words, feelings, actions all vibrate at a certain frequency in hertz. Ever heard of like attracts like? When you hold a high vibrational frequency within your being the universe will send you all the things that resonate at that same frequency.

In short, if you want more love; you have to BE more loving. If you want peace with an enemy, you have to BE peaceful. It’s sorta like a duh moment but it’s easy to miss simplicity sometimes.

Same goes for attracting abundance. If you want abundance, you have to vibrate at that frequency. You can’t go around feeling crappy about your current situation and thinking there’s no hope for increase. You’ll just attract more lack.

A good rule of thumb is: be grateful for everything. Yes EVERTHING! Even the hard knocks in life. They can be used to draw awareness to exactly where you need to raise yo’ vibe.

Check out our 4 tips in this week’s episode to raise your vibration now!

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In the comments, let us know what you want to attract in your life. How do you plan to raise your vibration to attract it?

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How to Navigate the Unknown

We’ve all been there – at a fork in the road, uncertain which way to go. Fear of the unknown can paralyze us. We know it’s time to make a change but how do we know which way to go and what if we eff it up?

Being in limbo totally sucks. Equally sucky is feeling like that leap into the unknown is imminent doom territory. Moving forward takes guts!

The great news is, you have an inner compass that will point you due north. More good news, even if you screw up royally, failure = personal tailored lesson. Hell to the yeah for that perspective!

Navigating the great unknown is totally doable and moving forward with all the associated risks will always serve your growth. Being the greatest hero of your own life takes fluidity and movement. Movement is life. Stagnation is death.

So, flow down the stream even when uncertainty looms. Clinging to the rock while the current moves on takes more work than it’s worth!

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We want to hear from you. Holla! Comment and tell us: what are you going to take a risk on? What are you gonna make happen even though you feel uncertain?

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Overwhelmed by Self-Helpy Stuff?

If you’re like us, then you love learning and expanding yourself. You desire living your life to the fullest. And dangit, you are determined to heal from yesterday’s baggage and say ta-ta to it once and for all.

We sometimes are so programmed to go go go, do do do, work more and be more. Before we know it we’re like a robot going through the motions of life; forgetting that subtle yet powerful, creative force inside of us.

Surrounding ourselves with the intention to grow is great. We can find a book or article on almost any area we want to grow in. The information is out there in loads. But remember, all of that is outside of ourselves and it can get overwhelming. The source of all our desires and needs lies within us.

A lot of the time, becoming still and listening with an open heart and a still mind will provide more self-help than any book out there. It’s always there, your source, and your power.

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We love hearing from you! In the comments below tell us your practice of going back to your source.

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Get Yo’ Mind Right

Habitual negative thinking can try to take us down but it’s up to us to see it for what it is.  To break free from that ridiculous cycle is more than possible, but we have to make a transition.

Thoughts are like waves, we can’t stop them from coming in, but we can choose which ones we want to surf. When you spot that pesky lil’ thought that likes to keep you on the same path just simply replace it with truth.

Many people find this fake, but what’s fake is believing anything other than you’re limitless and full of power and life.  A bad circumstance can’t change that truth.  So believing in your circumstances instead of your truth is the root issue.

We are not our current condition or disease; we’re not our fears or troubles; we are not the brokenness we feel, nor what someone else says about us.

We have limitless resources within ourselves. We really can have what we want if we dare to expand enough to actually receive it. This expansion comes in the form of a mind open to the vastness that we are as well as envisioning the unseen and unknown.

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Now, we’d love to hear from you.  In the comments below, tell us if you had a battle with overly negative thinking and what in the world you did to rise above.

Does Unforgiveness Got You Down: 3 Ways to Finally Move On

Sometimes unforgiveness is a sneaky little thing.  It can hide in bitterness, passive aggressiveness, or just that small heaviness that keeps us feeling a bit down.

When we hold unforgiveness towards someone it does nothing but hold us in a stagnant place. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!  We have a wonderful life to create and embrace.   

In this week’s video, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 main things you can do to move on from something or someone that got the best of you.

You can’t go back and change the past.  The purpose is to face the lesson that perhaps you missed before.  You see, we never fail in life, we simply get to keep taking the test until we ace that beyotch.

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Now, we’d love to hear from you.  In the comments below, tell us your take on moving on from hurtful situations. Do you have another approach when dealing with unforgivenss that has worked for you?

Be as specific as you can in your reply as we want to share as much insight and inspiration as we can.

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